Keifer Amster

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My name is Keifer Amster, I'm 20 and I'm currently attending college at Bryant & Stratton for Web Development. I love working together with people to get the perfect outcome of their product. Knowing it's exactly what they wanted is a huge achievement.

Web Design

Web Design is probably my favorite out of them all. My goal is to work with the customer one on one and come up with multiple ideas and then go from there for the best design possible.

Web Development

Web Development is also tied with Web Design as my all time favorite. Writing code is a blast for me and I love seeing what you've written come alive and going back and changing things is just as fun!

Graphic Design

I have done many graphic designs for t shirts in the past, and recently started applying it to my everyday life when I look at other brands and how they achieve their end goals.

Logo Design

To me, logo design is really important. Your logo not only attracts people to what you're selling, but it also tells a story about what you're selling. A logo can tell you more than everything about a company.

Responsive Design

All web design and development are responsive themes. They will fit on every device no matter the size. Phone, Tablet, and Desktop all in one layout and not in separate pages.